Monday, May 9, 2016

Fry Lab

We had to make fried donuts and they were great. They were delicious they were really big and powdery and everyone liked them. They were really dark colored and looked disgusting but they were the exact opposite. We had them last Monday and I wish we made them everyday they taste sooooo good. I got to eat like 15 of them and they lasted for like 5 seconds because I was eating them instantly.  I have never had donuts so good before and actually made them.

We also made chicken but I wasn't here to have any. They said it tasted great, I was here for prep work and we cut the chicken into little pieces and but them in a bag till the next day. I missed the day and I wish I was because everyone told me about how great the chicken was. We got some really really good donuts tho. We also got to try others food and it tasted pretty good.