Tuesday, March 29, 2016


             We had to make a hole on top and bottom and blow the eggs out of them. I almost passed out from blowing so hard and it hurt. I ate 6 eggs and they were so good chance gave me his eggs. I have never ate so many eggs in my life. I also got apple sider and it was great but I ate to much.

            I ate literally six eggs and felt like exploding. I thought it was pretty fun to make the eggs and color them but I wasn't here for the coloring. They looked pretty cool and somehow weren't smashed.
I have never done that before but it seemed fun. There was only one picture of me

Friday, March 18, 2016


We made chocolate chip cookies and they actually were pretty good. We got most of the cookies done in the first batch but had 7 that we had afterwards . They tasted really good and there was the perfect amount of chocolate chips. I never made cookies that actually tasted good.

I got 8 cookies and I ate all of them during the class period after this. We made some REALLY GOOD COOKIES. We got to wear the chef coats to and they were awesome. Everyones cookies looked really good.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


       We made glorious cookies and they were good. We had to mix all the ingredients and it took like 5 minutes. Chance cant mix pancakes and it was sometime clumpy but they were still good.  My job was to flip and watch the pancakes.

     We made the most fluffy pancakes and they were good and really soft. We also ate other foods that were also good.  We ate pancakes, french toast , sausage, bacon and they were all good.